Monday, September 26, 2011

Magickal Mabon

Autumn is here. It seemed to come a bit early this year, what with the late arrival of summer-like weather here in the Inland Northwest, but we welcomed it all the same. I celebrated Mabon with several of my very close friends. It was a gorgeous day with sunny, clear blue skies and temperatures in the upper 80s. We had sooooo much fun!

We watched the sun set while drinking fruits of the harvest, such as cider, beer and wine (a very dangerous rum cocktail may have made it's way into the party as well), and eating dishes prepared from vegetables we'd grown in our gardens. Once the sun had set, we sat around the fire and wrote down things we'd like to change in our lives in the coming year. We tossed our desires into the magickal fire, which glowed green and blue, and followed up with Circle time in the Magickal Teepee. I wish I had a picture of that, but my phone takes crappy pictures at best during the day. What a fantastic night with my Goddess sisters!

Blessed Mabon everyone!

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