Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unexpected uses for coffee grounds

A pile of coffee grounds goes into my compost bowl almost daily (except work days ... I'm too lazy to bring them home), because I know they're good for compost and the garden. I knew of other uses for them, such as an ant deterrent, or that they can be used to scour dishes, to dye paper, etc. I just haven't had any reason to try using them for those purposes, and scouring dishes with coffee grounds seems like more mess than it's worth. Balled up aluminum foil, k? Thanks!

Today I came across some pretty cool tips for using coffee grounds around the house that seem pretty practical. Here are a few I didn't know that I may have to try:

♦ As a deodorizer, whether it's in your refrigerator, car, ash tray, etc.
♦ Disguise scratches in darker wood furniture. Okay, I knew this one, but it was a good reminder.
♦ Use as a non-toxic bug repellant. Use a solution of coffee to spray your plants. The smell is too strong for most bugs. You’ll need to re-apply after a rain. I wonder if this will deter earwigs?
♦ Use coffee grounds to keep cats from digging and pooping in your garden. Not something I have trouble with, but it's a good tip!
♦ Use coffee grounds to deter slugs and snails. Both the smell and the abrasive surface help keep these pests out of the garden. I do have trouble with monster slugs that are big enough to melt your head, so I'm checking this out pronto.
♦ Keep your garden worms healthy. It's a food source and digestive aid for them. We loves us some worms in the garden!
♦ Brunettes can use it as a rinse to add softness, shine and highlights. My biggest concern, besides the mess, is what my hair smells like after the coffee treatment, but might have to give this one a go.

I obtained these hints from an article on Care2, so check that out for more tips.

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