Monday, August 23, 2010

37th Birthday Weekend

This past Saturday was my 37th birthday. What the hell happened to 27? I remember thinking that high school would last forever. And here I am, 19 years later, and the time has absolutely flown! When did I become the mom instead of the kid? I guess time flies when you're having fun.

The festivities began on Friday night when my friends Amber and Coley came to Spokane to celebrate with me. We had champagne, went out to dinner, and observed karaoke at a little dive bar down the street. There is no way I am doing karaoke, I refuse to subject anyone to that, or myself to that embarrassment!

On Saturday the plans were to go out to lunch with my son, mom, grandmother and sister, and then that evening go watch Rick play salsa with his salsa band Son Dulce with my mom & step-dad, and my friends Esther, Carol and several other people.

Saturday morning I was feeling a little off, and NO, I did not have too much to drink the night before. I managed lunch, but by the time I got home I was feeling queasy and icky, and the thought of having to deal with loud music and people made me want to cry. I gave it a couple of hours, but just was feeling worse, so I ended up cancelling on everyone. I felt so bad about that! But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Sunday morning I was feeling better, but had a headache. I took some ibuprofen, drank some coffee, and then got off the couch and went up to my craft room to finish the skirt for my kitchen island. It turned out pretty good and makes my kitchen look cozier.

Then my friends Esther and Carol came over to deliver my birthday gifts and the birthday cake they had gotten me. They'd had such a party planned! I loved my vampire cake!

And I was so excited to get the quilt Esther made for me! It's absolutely beautiful, and huge! She made it 100 x 100 inches with a double border embroidered with my favorite Goddess symbol, the elements, spirals and paw prints. What an incredible gift of her time and her amazing energy. This is an heirloom, something that I will be able to hand down.

My 2nd in Command, Roar, in the picture below shows how appropos the paw prints are!

And here's a close-up of the Goddess symbol on the border. I love it! I have a necklace and wall hanging of this symbol, and it also was part of the inspiration for the tattoo I have on my back. It's just beautiful.

So, despite being sick on my birthday, it ended up being quite nice. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends.


  1. That is beautiful! What kind of material did she use?

    Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Thanks! She had a bunch of upholstery samples that were given to her and used those in the main body of the quilt (this is the 2nd quilt she made with the samples, that's how many!). Inner border is cotton, and outer border is probably a poly-blend taffeta type fabric.

  3. I just got done reading all your posts and my mouth dropped to the ground when I read the first one! It was like you were telling my story!!!!! (Ill be 37 in October) You have my support during this journey!

    PS-very jealous you got to meet Jason Stackhouse!

  4. Hi Suzanne! Likewise!

    I was so embarrassed meeting Ryan Qwanten. My boyfriend and his mom were taking pictures of him, and he noticed. They weren't fans, they were just star-struck (ooh someone famous!). I was the only real fan, and I was trying get them to leave him alone, but they wouldn't stop trying to sneak pictures. I'm just not the type to walk right up to someone I don't know and ask for a picture, and I thought they were being rude. He caught them and waived us over and took a picture with me. I felt like an ass. He said "This will always be our tree" about the tree in the background. He was really nice, quite soft spokane, and what a lovely accent!