Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy life ... drama and blessings

It's been forever since I've posted anything ... the last few months have been busy, and my attention has been focused on other things, like trying to figure out how to get the facility paid where my grandfather lives because there is a month gap from when he ran out of money to when Medicaid kicked in. So far I've got nothing. I'm buying lottery tickets.

Had to lay down a boundary with a friend, and I think I didn't do the best job of it. I'm not sure I could have done a better job though. I felt like I was being collared and put on a leash, so I had to put my foot down, and this person is really, really, really not happy with me. I've struggled to explain my feelings, but they are unacceptable to that person. I don't know that the friendship will survive, I do know that I am not willing to sign the contract by which this person expects friends to abide. I'm still quite angry with this person, it's been in my dreams almost every night, so I think a ritual is going to be needed to really let it go. I need to be able to bless it and send it away.

The GOOD news is that my grandbaby girl entered the world on May 7th at 7am. Serenity Lee Marie, our pretty little Taurus, Sagittarian moon, Gemini Rising baby girl. She is beautiful! We are all so incredibly in love with her. Her mommy and daddy are in awe of their creation. We are looking forward to watching her grow and witnessing the person who is Serenity. I am a very happy and proud Nonna, and Rick is a very proud Papa!

Came across a fun blogging tool for when you don't know what to post (thank you Dianne Sylvan). It keeps you writing ... so here it goes:

Listening to:
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Eating: Just finished a pack of Trader Joe's Omega Trek Mix.

Drinking: Water.

Reading: I have so many books going right now, latest Kindle download is Drift, by Rachel Maddow. I just love her. I admire her intelligence, strength and her diplomacy, as well as her ability to call bullshit when she sees it.

Watching: Nothing at the moment, saw Season 5 Episode 1 of True Blood last night, and watched The Avengers, which had some pretty funny moments.

Wearing: A white prairie dress with extremely delicate fabric that is trying to disintegrate. I'm refusing to let it.

Writing: This.

Thinking: I wish I was independently wealthy.

Feeling: My neck is hurting, tweeked it the other day. Discovered the wonder of turmeric as an anti-inflammatory, and it's feeling soooo much better than it would if I was just taking ibuprofen, and without the added strain to my kidneys!

Wanting: $6,500 to pay the facility where my grandfather lives.

Needing: To mop the floors in my house. It is far, far, far overdue.

Enjoying: I never thought I'd say it, but this being a grandmother stuff is pretty cool. I love being Nonna!

and, the Weather: 68, mostly cloudy, possible thunderstorm this evening. They keep saying that, and we get nothing but some little rumbles that can barely be heard. I want a big boomer! The kind that rattles the windows! (And for everyone to be safe and enjoy the storm!)

*Photo taken by my 5 of Clubs sister, Alison, when Serenity was 2 weeks old. Alison offers professional senior, family, and baby portraits in the Spokane area.

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