Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Currently today ...

Listening to:
 As soon as I can get iTunes to open, I will be listening to Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong ... again. I've come to the conclusion that I especially love smooth jazz, and need to expand my collection.
Eating: As soon as High Nooner gets here, I'll be eating a Reuben with a chicken bow tie noodle salad and some carrot cake.

Drinking: Water.
Reading: The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living, by Martin Clark. This is one of several books I've been reading, but put down for various reasons. I'm about a quarter of the way through it, and it's got some weird stuff in it, but it moves a little slow. I keep waiting for it to pick up and get going, as the weird stuff totally intrigues me, but thus far it hasn't.

Watching: Mad Men. Totally addicted. At first it was almost offensive, because it is chalk full of misogyny, bigotry, and a metric s**t-ton of double standards, but considering it's set in an ad agency on Madison Avenue in New York in the 60s, not having those aspects would be unrealistic. The show is really a study of the human condition. I love that there are no real villains, only people being people, and sometimes good people do bad things. Each character is multi-dimensional, and not a single one is perfect.
Wearing: Red tshirt and gray chinos.

Thinking: There are a lot of judgmental people who would rather shoot first and ask questions later. These same people often use the Bible to support their actions ... which just sounds ludicrous to me. It's a total pet peeve of mine ... I just can't stand this kind of thinking.

Feeling: Glad that I am alone in the office today, or at least our little part of the office. I enjoy that.

Wanting: A Mystical Martini.
Needing: My lunch to arrive! Well I was gonna say that, but they just got here. Now I need to eat it.
Enjoying: The Housewives Tarot. It may seem like novelty, but I've been giving some amazingly insightful readings with it.

and, the Weather: 51 (high of 53), raining. Yes, it's June in the Inland Northwest. Our weather gets nice after the 4th of July, usually mid-80s to upper 90s.

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