Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday ... Turmeric, Kindle, Monster Feet

Got somewhat of a decent thunderstorm last night... well, it was just barely polite. If it had any manners at all it would have rattled the windows and made the lights flicker. Thor is not living up to my expectations. You'd think his mamma didn't raise him right.

Listening to:
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong ... this kind of music makes me a little nostalgiac for "the gold old days". Not that I would want to transport back to a time when women "shouldn't worry their pretty little heads" over "men's business", when domestic violence was completely ignored, when people of color didn't have civil rights (including Ella!), nor did LGBT folks. No, I mean it makes me nostalgiac for the glam, because everything had style then. The cars, airplanes, trains, ovens, alarm clocks, just everything. I love style of that era. But hell no, I'll keep my rights and my smart phone, thank you very much.

Eating: Nothing at the moment, had oatmeal with blueberries, ginger, cinnamon, coconut milk and turmeric, and a boiled egg with salt & pepper. Turmeric? On oatmeal? Well, I tweeked my neck on Sunday, and rather than taking ibuprofen by the handful, I'm taking turmeric. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory (which is 2000 times more effective when combined with black pepper). A medicinal dose is about a teaspoon a day, so I've been putting it on everything. And it works! I took some ibuprofen for a headache on Sunday (the self induced kind you get from too much wine), but haven't needed to take any since. Turmeric is working it's magick.

Here is the entry for turmeric in my grimoire:
Protective herb that promotes healing in general. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, blood thinning, prevents and fights cancer (blocks formation of cancer causing enzymes), prevents plaques forming in the brain which cause Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases, helps to prevent spider veins and regrowth of varicose veins, treats all types of arthritis, improves metabolism, weight maintenance, lowers insulin resistance, promotes healthy liver, helps to balance hormones, treats skin sores.

Protective, warming herb, Mars and fire energy. Use for healing, protection, passion, confidence, commanding, courage, exorcism (this herb purifies the body), sensuality, spell-breaking, and strength.

Traditionally believed to contain the energy of the Divine Mother, cleanses the chakras, and used as a sacred herb in ceremonies to anoint the forehead (weddings, devotionals).

It's some all around good stuff! For more information, here is a pretty informative article (not the be all end all of research, but the author puts it together well: Turmeric: “The Golden Goddess” (by Lisa Gallant C.A.S)

Drinking: Morning nectar of the gods, ie coffee.

Reading: Saw a recommendation on a blog yesterday for The Flower Bowl Spell by Olivia Boler, and at $2.99 for a Kindle download I thought, why not? It's about a Chinese American witch, Memphis Zhang, who has the ability to see fairies, read auras, intuitively find people, etc. She's just a bit more magickal than the magickal norm. She denounces magick after a protection spell fails to protect her best friend, but the appearance of her dead best friend's brother suggests magick is not done with her. It's a light read with a little bit of a mystery, and I love Memphis down to earth attitude and sense of humor. I'm about a 1/3 of the way through.

Watching: Introduced my boyfriend to the movie Sling Blade last night ... it's a sad movie, but very, very, very good. Rick loved it, like I knew he would.

Wearing: Red tshirt and black linen skirt, super comfy.

Writing: This.

Thinking: I need to make the bed in the Magick Room, and bring up an end table from the basement on which to put an altar in my Craft Room.

Feeling: A little tired, would be a great day to sit on the couch watching a movie, reading and/or knitting.

Wanting: To knit these fun Monster Feet I saw on I have a chair in my living room that could use these! How fun!

Needing: To get my August renewals out the door at work.

Enjoying: My growing vegetable garden. This is the first year I've grown a vegetable garden since I was a kid. I'm growing pumpkins, acorn squash, bush beans, heirloom Italian tomatoes, basil, oregano, shallots, garlic, red bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, rainbow chard, celery, and spinach.

and, the Weather: 59 (high of 67), cloudy, rainy, isolated thunderstorms.

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