Thursday, June 14, 2012

I want to paint my house purple

I need to paint my house in a bad way. My house has steel siding, which was originally this lime green color that I painted over with beige. Eleven years later the beige is looking like I only gave it one coat, all nasty and ghosty.

Since then, my neighbors have resided their house in beige siding. My neighbors on the other side painted their house yellow. I am so tired of boring old house colors: white, beige, yellow and blue, with the occasional red or green. Ugh. I am a witch. I want something witchy, but at the same time I don't want my neighbors to hate me ... we get along, I'd like to not have them thinking "What the hell were you thinking?!" I mean, if they do, oh well, but I'd really like them not to. And also I have to match that ugly ass green aluminum tile roof. This is the kind of roof that lasts FOREVER, but the color is probably the last thing I personally would have chosen. I hear you can paint aluminum tile rooves, but there is not a chance in Hades that I'm getting up there to paint it, and I'm sure Rick feels the same way (affording someone else to do it is not an option at this time).

So what goes with green? Pink, purple, various shades of red (not that I want my house to look like Santa's), and I need to paint it something that can fade a bit and not look awful. I am not a pink kind of girl, so that is not an option. I could see how it would look sorta cool in a retro way, but it's really not my thing. So purple. Again, I need to keep the color in line with that ugly roof, so I'm thinking a dusty more plum shade of purple might be the ticket.
So I start browsing paint companies online, and Sherwin Williams has a great site where you can upload a photo and play around with colors. Here is my house in what I think is a really nice, unoffensive purply plum color, "Quixotic Plum". What do you think? I think it's a nice subtle change.

I think if I was someone who put lots of decor and stuff like that outside, I'd probably say 'screw it' and just paint it any old wild color I feel like, because it would just work. But I'm not really that way ... though I'd like to be. Who knows what the next 10 years will bring?


  1. ...♥...
    Gorgeous, subtle yet excellent I adore purple by the way♥

  2. I loooooove the dusty plum! I hope you've opted to paint your CUTE house that color by now. I painted my bathroom DARK purple after I bought it in 2010 because I'd lived in eggshell apartments for all of my adult life. At first I loved the dark purple, but after awhile I realized it made the room look a lot smaller. So I repainted it lavendar and it is brigher and looks bigger but still in the purple family. Purple is my favorite color although blue is growing on me more and more.

    By the way, I am glad I found your blog. I am interested in reclaiming my history (past life) and becoming a full-fledged Witch (although Buddhism calls me too) but I am LAZY. Wicca is not a religion for the unenergetic from what I can tell. I'm hoping there is a way to be a lazy Witch. LOL


  3. Thank you Atheria! One of my guest rooms is painted Nairobi Dusk, which is the purplest purple ever. I love it. We naturally call that room The Purple Room ... very creative of us, yes? My Magic Room is painted half that same purple, and half a nice sage green. I love rich color on the walls.

    There are all kinds of witches, whether they are Wiccan or whatever. I began in the Wiccan tradition, but I like doing things my own way and in my own time, so my practice has become very eclectic. I'm just an eclectic kitchen witch with hedgewitch tendencies. There's more than one way to do magick!

  4. This is fantastic! I didn’t know purple can also be the perfect wall color choice for a house. The shade you picked is wonderful, and it made your whole house look like a very adorable dollhouse. I love how the light of the sun shone on your exterior and the greenery of the surroundings that made it much more attractive.

    Leif Clancy